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    doggy bag it!

    so a little while ago; i was at the hypermart with my mom when i spotted this furry animal in the handbag section...

    haha omg.. honestly. i cant imagine anyone carrying this shopping anywhr!! i mean. it looked good enough to cuddle but just not for putting yr mobile or purse!!

    i cant even imagine a lil girl carrying this.
    ( owell. cos it's just too big for them..)

    anyhow. i kinda reminded me of the doggy handbags seen on moschino cheap and chic f/w07...
    haha so what do u think?!!
    does the fabber and much cuter design entice you to get one of these doggy bags for yr own?! or are u gna think that it's hideous too?! haha!!
    frankly speaking; i think that the doggy handbags from moschino cheap and chic are super cute. but i just wouldnt get one for myself.
    what can i say?!!
    i'm just not a doggy bag kinda girl=p

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    Romeika said...

    OMG, this is such a deja vu (whatever u spell it *lol*) I remember a couple of years ago there was this teddybag trend in Brazil..*lol* I guess more than a couple of years ago. I didn't buy one at those times and i don't think i'd own such an item by now, but it's definetely supercute! ^^

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Hi :)

    hehe I have an "Hello Kitty" furry bag lol and I <3 it :)

    By the way I've made an update to my "Sex and the City - The Movie" Post and added some photos :)

    Maybe you want to check it out


    Carolina Lange said...

    That's not my style, but it is cute!

    sebastian perinotti said...

    they're kinda weird, but cute!

    Miu Miu's Atelier said...

    not so crazy about the dog bag but i absolutely loved the moschino elephant wicker bags they were absolutely adorable...i wonder if i could find one on ebay...by the way its valentino not karl

    LML said...

    those are kinda funny! my friends little sister has a cow purse lol


    such a cute doggy bag!!

    Amy said...

    i have a lot of doggy bags. haha.
    i have bear bags too.

    coco said...

    its just not chic
    but it is quite funny
    i enjoyed th pics

    Seraphine said...

    I had something similar. It wasn't a bag. It was on my bed and I kept my nightclothes and pajamas in it.

    Cris Lazoru said...

    Cute post! Remember in The OC Willa's first episode? Marissa's little sis had a little dog bag and it was kinda cute. As for your qn: Uhhmm hard I know. Tortoise wayfarers are more 50's vintage-preppy kinda Luella collection vacationing in Italy. Black ones are a little more versatile I think. They can be chic (Audrey H.) or a little more rocker (Mary Kate O.) All in all I think you should go with the black. You just gave me a great idea for a post! Love your blog!


    Kira Fashion said...

    sooo funny!

    i love dogs, but i dont have one...so the bag is a good choice!


    Naroniel said...

    hahaaa, that's soo cute! I'd never go out shopping with it...but so cute. I might do it as a joke with my friends to see how ppl would look at you or someething...just for fun. but hahaha. soo cute! :)

    Tru said...

    haha thats so funny but I think I'm definetly anti-ppl carring stuffed animals as bag its so tween sensation its scary

    G.G. said...

    I dunno, I think I might have passed the age limit on doggy bags :)

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    lol! that is so funny and cute!
    i think that a doggy pencilcase is as far as it should go...:)