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    francesca v for alldressedup ++++++++ a lil bit more ( girls. DEEP breathe.)

    so one fine day; if u were click on perezhilton and see the celebs all dressed up in francesca v for alldressedup- SMILE and remember penelope of i<333clothes!!niece of gianni versace; her 1st guest designer 20piece collection will be showcased in Paris Fashion Week! Omg i really cant wait for the show to be out!!

    From the looks of it; the collection is more than fab and so; guess where i'll be spending my greens if i had any to spare?!!


    i was so freakin happy when i heard that actor djimon hounsou who had a nomination in the Oscars for his role in Blood Diamond is gna be the newest CK UNDERWEAR MODEL!!

    from leading a life in the streets; his life has inevitably changed whn fashion designer Thierry Muggler's discovered and turned him into a fashion model.
    i mean; pick any boy frm Chad, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Sudan etc etc.
    How many of them haf actually dreamt of such a life so different from wht they're facing right now?!!

    Djimon is the perfect guy for Calvin Klein Steel and somehow. i've got this niggin feeling that with all his fame and fortune; he's so gna be Angelina Jolie No.2=p

    ooh. and let's haf a lil. history lesson.
    ( of the CK Ads; that's it=p)

    with his boyish good looks; actor mark wahlberg's ads is considered to be one of the most successful compaigns!! with his washboard abs; it's kinda due to them that metrosexualism has been slowly on the rise this decade- NOT that we're pointing fingers at him! haha!

    also; how can we forget our dear kate moss who was featured topless in CK's underwear ads at 14( i think that's her age)!!!
    pst! like twiggy in the 60s, it was ms moss that's started the frenzy for waif like models (again~) in the 90s..

    ok. so this isnt underwear but more for the Black Label CK Jeans. i dont know if any of you rmb seeing this ad featuring swedish soccer stud fredrik ljungberg and natalia vodianova. but CK is definitely selling sex!!
    i mean look at that!!
    it;s totally potraying a couple caught in the middle of foreplay!!
    oh god!
    i'm kinda like imagining the poor moms out there covering their lil kids eyes as they pass by times sq or smt. haha!!

    so. to end off. i haf this lil question for you blogettes:

    given the choice; which CK Underwear model would you choose to plaster all over again?!

    haha! this is gna be interesting=p


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    Romeika said...

    The garments in this picture are just so beautiful and seem really comfortable. I love the lines. It seems like the only thing she heritaged from Versace was the name hehe

    Seraphine said...

    How exciting! (I wanna go to Paris). The photo is beautiful.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    I love Calvin Klein ads. Kate looks so sweet and sexy at the same timne!

    sara said...

    The collection looks great! and I love his dark sking against the white, very nice.

    if I could choose any ck model it would definatly be mark wahlberg, oh god I love him!

    x sara o

    jayne said...

    wow love the keira for coco header! she is gorgeous! but yes, i will admit she could likely use her collar bone as a weapon these days she so skinny!

    i love the rich colors in that collection!

    and as for ck models, well who doesn't love marky mark after the departed, but the kate ad is so sweet it is my fav!

    and love the blog, do you wanna trade links? :)

    nic said...

    I like that yellow dress! and I think djimon hounsou on CK is absolutely amazing. he's got such a great bod and presence ;) I saw blood diamond and i loved it. oh and i bouoght the latest teenvogue too - mischa barton right? YAY!

    Aisha said...

    I used to love calkin klein adds until they got TOO erotic =P. Anyways, Kate Moss' is my fave so far but i LOVE how white looks so beautiful on djimon =)


    Jennifer said...

    djimon hounsou looks so hot in these ads its insane!! HOT!

    Kat said...

    Thanks so much Pen for your concern, I was a little busy and will be lucky if i can post once a week now:-( Anyway i have a new a post up now, so have a look.

    I totally agree with what Jayne said about the Calvin Klein ads, Mark was great in The Departed and Kate looks so sweet in those ads too.
    That collection looks really good.
    x x x

    LML said...

    ...hhmmm i would have to say MARK!

    WendyB said...

    How about a CK model WITHOUT underwear..because then I'd vote for Brooke Shields in the classic commercial: "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."

    Romeika said...

    Oh the ads..I think DH looks amazing and the ad is just so beautiful. I never liked those Kate Moss ads much..so i don't think i'd like to see her again.

    re:Yes, i hope the film will be as good as the book, but it's hard to imagine! And as for Francesa, i agree with u, she's doing her own way without following Gianni's style, which is great.

    The Sewing Bunny said...

    all i can say about calvin klein underwear ads: hot!

    coco said...

    i love calvin ads they always looks so cool but not like anyone in them has tried to be cool
    and i think the collection looks great too
    cant wait
    oh and i emailed you back!

    Seraphine said...

    Mark Wahlberg is too cute. I love Kate Moss. Foreplay is always hot.
    I think though, I'd like to see more Djimon. Oh, he's wearing underwear? Amazing pics nonetheless.

    Joy said...

    Love the colors in that top pic! Yellow is my favorite color :)

    discothequechic said...

    HA! My god, I so agree with you about the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud. Whenever I think of PCDs I think of those Ungaro outfits they wore!

    Completely love hate, because they looked awful, but at the same time, I loved how tacky they looked!

    They are shameless though, really.

    Wow, those new CK ads are amazing. So so striking.

    S xx

    Romeika said...

    re:Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Penelope! And so glad you enjoyed the photos=) kisss -x-

    Dani said...

    I adore all of their ads!
    My vote goes for Djimon because he looks amazing, and the contrasting colors is a bautiful and interesting site.

    Kira Fashion said...

    really great underwear for men and women!

    a kiss

    Libertygirl said...

    Doesn't Djimon look wonderful?! I was gutted to get back to NYC after shooting in London to discover that I had been invited to the launch party for steel that he & Hilary Swank were co-hosting. Fabulous invitation: engraved on a piece of steel, no less!

    Wld you care to exchange links my dear: loving the blog! Libertylondongirl xx

    Carolina Lange said...

    I loce CK ads, they are allways fantastic! Djimon looks so hot!Great post!

    Bella said...

    Marky Mark...almost the hottest person ever!!! geez....

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    Hey, I think your blog is awesome! such interesting posts! :)

    I think Kate Moss wil forever be the classic!

    Shaz said...

    i love all three calvin klein ads! They all bring they're own sexiness to the campaigns...very nice!

    徵信社 said...

    I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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