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    me and mr darcy...

    owell. yer!! dont be surprised!! haha! i wna try my hand at doing smt different and so; i did a lil book thing! haha!

    every girl is looking for her Mr. Darcy,
    Imagine if you found the real one...

    being a fan of jane austen's pride and prejudice; of course! i was itching to find out more. when i saw this book sitting high up on the bookshelve in borders.

    anyhow. the story starts off with Emily's nightmare of the date where her date actually gets her to pay her HALF of the pizza and shoves his hand right under her nose of the mere sixty five cents which she's left out!

    oh god.
    anyhow. me and mr darcy is v diff frm the stuff i usually read bcos for once; in all chic lits; Emily totally doesnt give her outfit any thoughts!!

    clothes arent my priority

    she said; and shes packed her suitcase with so many flippin books on a short; one week vacation!!!

    uh huh; even when her fashionista of a friend told her tt she cant exactly wear sense and sensability on a date! haha!!
    (i laughed out loud at this one=p)

    this book is def a wrk of fiction ( due to the highly questionable storyline) but it's fun.. cos u get to really wonder wht really happen to emily. did she REALLY see mr. fitzwilliam darcy? or was she high on pride and prejudice?!

    also. to those who love love the elusive mr. darcy to bits; alexandra and~ bravely ( in my opinion) written abt the stuff that mr. darcy is known for and how much fiction is a far cry frm reality.. it's made me wonder and really think abt the saying- be careful of wht u wish for..

    personally; the book is engagaging; and funny and now; i'm sorely tempted to re- read this work of fiction again=p haha!

    read on till the end!! the ending is so.. OTT u gta give it to alexandra potter to churn smt as far fetched out of her!!

    ooh and i couldnt resist putting this in-
    topshop was mentioned and i;m so so jealous emily got to spend hundreds of dollars on a couple of new head to toe topshop stuff!!! haha!!
    love that to bits!!

    this book is fab if only u like a girl who's got the guts to stand up for her own rights ( kinda like elizabeth bennet) and of course!! for those who are a romantic at heart!! haha!!

    ps/ hope u guys love this post and of course! the book too!! haha!

    ooh!! so the million dollar question-
    who's yr own mr darcy?!!

    for me; it's benjamin mckenzie !!!! or more specifically; ryan atwood!!!
    omg!! he;s hot and he's deff elusive but ( he aint brit. but tt's ok=p)
    haha! anyhow the dwn side-
    i guess it'll be hard to like someone w/o getting the hugs whn u really need it=p
    poor marissa. (poor me=p)

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    biba_46 said...

    brian mckenzie?? noooo I prefer kevin volchok!! LOL

    Aisha said...

    Ohmygod! Ryan's SO hot, but personally i prefer the character of Adam Brody =P, he's just adorable. Mhmhm i think my Mr.darcy would be ta ta taaa taaaa Daniel radcliffe probably =P, he's cute and such a nerd (:


    Anonymous said...

    Ryan was my favorite on The OC, and I love Ben Mckenzie

    discothequechic said...

    Although I was a huge huge OC fan (well, who wasn't really...) I was always TEAM SETH even though he had a tendency to be very self indulgent and generally fucked everything up, but I justified this because of his funny lines and music taste.

    The Mr Darcy question is a good one though...Ryan Gosling (pref as the character from Half Nelson, minus the drug addiction) or Daniel Craig. Phewwww.

    Did you see him in that Catherine Tate sketch? niiiice. Ha.

    S xx

    dianabobar said...

    he is a cutie! I had a boyfriend a while ago who looked so similar to him, made me feel Marissa:)

    MOLLY GRAY said...

    yes... ryan is so cute and so perfect as a boyfriend i was so jealous of marissa!!!!....

    coco said...

    i started reading that book and then stoped
    i dont know why cos it was pretty good
    my mr darcy is either patrick dempsy (a little too old and too married for me though) or MR JT (who I actually think would look perfect on my arm)

    The Sewing Bunny said...

    aww ryan :( i spent part of my day yesterday watching old episodes of the o.c. .. it makes me so sad! adam brody was my favorite though :)

    Polly said...

    My Mr. Darcy is Colin Firth...

    i cannot imagine antoher Mr. Darcy!!!

    dianabobar said...

    yes, I was a lucky girl. but he's my ex, so, it doesn't really mater now, does it. However, whenever we meet again, I have that soft spot in my heart for him, that weakness, you know:) he didn't have Ryan's background though.

    sebastian perinotti said...

    by the male stuff on the blog u meant this post? hahaah
    just kidding,
    but i liked adam brody from the oc!

    G.G. said...

    Ooh, you should totally read "Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict" too, that's a new one :) My Darcy is always Colin Firth.

    sebastian perinotti said...

    adam IS the cutest!

    Fashion Tidbits said...

    By far, Mr Colin Firth!!!!!!!!!!

    mrs darcy said...

    my mr darcy is mathew macfadyen...he's the perfect man!! and his mr darcy is better than colin firth's mr darcy....kiss