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    Big Japan:D

    sigh. not sure if any of u remembered but i did mentioned tt i'll be going taipei late august. and due to some unforseen circumstance; it's cancelled!!!!!! arghh!!

    but. i cant believe that my mom;s booked my whole fam on a trip to japan during the christmas hols! wow. i'm still kinda reeling in shock now!!

    this is shinsaibashi in osaka.. and they not only haf high end stuff. they haf great thrift shops too!!! i dont care wht my mom is gna say but i'm so gna thrift( heh eu know wht i mean=p) once i'm there:D

    anyhow. honestly. if all's well, i'm so so gna do a big post whn i'm back=p ahahah. now i'm daydreaming already.

    anyhow. so i'll take the opp to do a post on my my model of the week.

    since this post is abt Japan and all ( in a way), i've decided to name Ai Tominaga as the model of the week.

    i got to know ai when she was in singapore for the fashion week this year.
    and what struck me most was her look! look at those gorgeous cheekbones!!! not every asian look that way!! i'm just so jealous!!! haha
    and i was totally floored whn i heard tt she's already a mom.. wow.
    she's definitely a yummy mummy!!
    and a side of her which will win u ovr?
    she sure can eat:D

    hope you guys love Ai too!


    photo credits:
    -(ai's official website)

    ps/ just wna thank you all!!! glad that y'all loved amy's interview!!!


    Kira Fashion said...

    I hope you really travel there at Xmas!

    And, please, post all the great fashion photos when you got there!

    a kiss

    PS - that girl from vogue japan is so skinny!it´s not so cool...

    more kisses

    The Wannabe said...

    Wow, she looks great on the Vogue cover! But she is really, really skinny..

    Thanks for stopping by the Wannabe ;D


    WendyB said...

    Ooh, I'm so jealous, I'd love to go back to Japan.

    Jackie said...

    yes, booties are so cute

    WendyB said...

    Re Japan, I was only in Tokyo once for 48 hours and I really want to go back! However, a friend of mine lived there for about five years and I can ask for recommendations if you're looking for anything particular. Just come over to my blog and let me know if you have request. I think you'll have a great time no matter what!

    Allure said...

    I would sign a pact with the devil for a body like that after (and BEFORE)giving birth to a child.

    Seraphine said...

    Going to Japan sounds awesome. Iyou *have* to tell us about the shopping there!
    Ai is indeed beautiful- she has a unique look. I'm glad you mentioned that she eats. :)

    Kira Fashion said...

    THanks for passing back!

    a kiss

    nic said...

    Sigh...I iwsh i had those cheekbones =P

    coco said...

    great choice for moedl of the week she is stunning and id never seen her before
    its so exciting your going to japan, have a great time and tell us all about it

    Romeika said...

    I'd love to visit Japan, i've always been fascinated by their culture ever since i was a child, and the street fashion there must be something.

    Beautiful vogue cover!


    Ana said...

    she is pretty but waaaay to skinny. go to the yay post on my blog. i left something for you.

    Jennifer said...

    she looks fierce on the cover of vogue, love it!

    Aisha said...

    I'd love to visit Japan for sure!, It looks like an amazing country and It has a big fashion industry =)

    Ai's pretty =), I like her on the cover of Vogue, but as girl have said, she's really really skinny, can't believe she's a mom already!


    Kat said...

    Lucky girl! I'd love to go to Japan, it's near the top of my palces to visit! I bet the shopping is fantastic there too.

    That Vogue cover is stunnig and Ai is gorgeous, so elegant.

    x x x

    Cris Lazoru said...

    Loved the post and adored the new header!


    Carolina Lange said...

    Japan must be fantastic! I plan to go there soon!
    I love the Vogue cover, that girl is so beautiful!

    sara said...

    JAPAN, that's awesome!

    and she's gorgeous!

    x sara o

    nic said...

    hey! just wanted to let you know i've linked you to my blog ;)

    coco said...

    heya i have given you a rockin girl blogger award, check my page to see it.

    the_kitten said...

    u should really check Japan's local designs and brands u know - doesn't mean high end but dresses from about 40 - 100 too and Japan's style is super nice. Definitely try the Hep5-Department store when you're in Osaka. It's entrance is also linked to the Metro-station Shin-Osaka or Osaka I think.

    Romeika said...

    Hey Penelope, thanks a lot! Christy is just so gorgeous and a great model.


    sara said...

    can't get enough of them

    love the new header.

    x sara o

    editor said...

    she is so beautiful

    Shaz said...

    wow she looks stunning with short hair...life is so unfair...they can get away with any looks!

    ed said...

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