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    the donut girl

    Owell, I’m not American but I love to spell donut that way; as opposed to doughnut=p

    anyhow, so u may be wondering what’s so special about these sweet confectionary that I gta post them, but the thing is, they so much coveted for, right here in Singapore!
    I mean, to get 2dozens of these from Donut Factory, my friend had to queue for like, 3hours before he could get them!! ( it’s no joke).

    i mean, WHO would wna wait in line THAT long; just so they can buy some junk food and then stuff themselves full with like, so much sugar and fats?!

    but I guess, there’re certain things in life that, if u take in moderation, you could still fit into that favorite pair of skinnies:p and thus, I declare these highly sought after delicacy, most fit, for all you chic bloggerettes out there(:

    go grab your donut today!!
    ( oh god, I sound like some stupid commercial)

    Anyway, since we’re on the subject of those round shaped donuts and since THIS IS a fashion blog, decided to write about a round shaped something out from my closet..

    This Word Bangle is not exactly earth- shatteringly- pretty, but I made it myself so I’m so darned proud of it(:
    was inspired after looking thru old magazines when I spotted this style on the runway of Chanel Spring/Summer 07 Collection. decided to steal that style and I gta say, my plain ol’ bangle looks much better after the lil tweaks(:

    it’s so easy to copy and if any of you wna glam up your old bangles too; here are the steps!

    You’ll need:

    A White bangle

    Rub-On Transfers

    And Clear Nail Polish


    1. Cut from the Rub-Ons, the words which u’ll like to see on your bangle

    2. Position it on the bangle and run the wooden stick( provided in the transfer kit) over the back of the rub-on transfer till the words have been transferred completely. Continue until the whole circumference of the bangle is lined with words

    3. Using light strokes, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the words to prevent them from coming off. Wait for the polish to dry

    4. Voila! Show off your new bangle!

    Haha, so hope you guys enjoyed this “yummy” post and have fun with the DIY bangle!


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    sara said...

    Those donuts are adorable!

    And the bangle is a very smart idea.

    x sara o

    By The Way - I love the song on your blog by The Orange Lights, I just watched the video on youtube, love them

    From Lily With Love said...

    I like the bangles!
    After reading this I really want a doughnut.

    fashionistakay said...

    I could soooooo go for a donut right now!

    Bella said...

    I LOVE donuts...mmmmm...and I LOVE word bangles...I've been planning on making some for a while, now you have inspired me :))

    discothequechic said...

    Summer all year round? Lucky you! So where do you live? Obviously not the UK!

    Thats a clever way of copying the Chanel bangles. I'm so rubbish at getting round to doing stuff like that, though..

    S xx

    coco said...

    im now really hungry for something suggary since i looked at thos pics lol
    and i love the bangle

    Kat said...

    Yum - donuts!!! That's a great idea with bangle - well done! I love hearing about people's make and do!
    Totally agree about laLohan too! Cannot stand the girl.
    x x x

    Kira Fashion said...

    I do loved that yummy post! I do love sweets i general and donuts are so delicious! But it´s not diet...

    wow, amazing clue for to copy the bracellet! so cool!

    a kiss

    thanks for passing!
    have a great monday!

    LML said...

    cute pics of the donuts ;)
    great DIY too - i must try it!

    Jennifer said...

    Thanks for the diy i love the chanel bracelets, all those donut are making me hungry!

    Kat said...

    I was actually thinking of doing a Grace Kelly one, as I just love her. Thanks for the comment and for being so sweet as ever.

    x x x

    Tru said...

    hey that DIY was in teen vogue or something and I sitll love it, oh and by the way love that you're promote the fact of eating donuts

    sara said...

    yes I need to find shoes and a bag to go with it!

    x sara o

    donna AND navaz said...

    I LOVE your DIY bangle - cute cute cute!! I wish I had the patience to do that. I like having the ideas but the actual execution? I simply can't be arsed!!


    Miss EsTher said...

    Love what you do wiht the bangles, very creative.. i will totally do it myself... very good idea...


    MIss EsTher

    nic said...

    i'm so going to try it!

    ed said...

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