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    gone shopping...

    i'm so freakin happy!!! finally!! papers are all over!! haha.
    so obviously, to celebrate, my girlfriends and i went a lil ovrboard in the dressing rooms(:

    in hong kong retail chain; giordano

    for the 1st time ever, i'm trying on white skinnies and they actually dont make me fat!!!! haha;
    see that scarf? i got it frm river island quite some time ago and i'm still so in love with it(:

    the only one who's bought smt she tried on, yina looked fab in the white off shoulder!! the studded belt is a lovely touch too!

    and our favourite store of the day; ZARA.

    i love this dress like anything!! if u, like me, have got a big butt/hip; it kinda shaves the pounds off!! plus, the design is fab!!!

    this is esther in a sparkly top.. really love the collar. it's so pretty!

    and the both of us sporting plaid-
    esther's wearing a lovely blouse with a ruffled front under the plaid tunic. the color and design is just so sweet!!
    and as for me, i'm not doing the plaid top any favor wif my jeans but i just love the square neck and the real showy plaid pattern!!!


    haha, ok so, to end this off, this is a picture of a lovely pair of nude flats(though it looked kinda silvery white here) worn by another friend of mine.
    it was super eye-catching plus, she paired them with black skinnies- it was totally gorgeous!!!! dont you think?!!



    Dani said...

    Love the flats.
    Love the white tank with the silver color.
    Love the plaid top!!!!

    Tru said...

    love the flats, love the plaid top, and love the white top with the sparkly collar

    The Wannabe said...

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    ps; Your outfits are so supercute! I do love that scarf..

    See you around!

    Jo said...


    Asian Models Blogger said...

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    Gloria said...


    I have been to giordano!! I never expected that name to pop up anywhere again in my life...

    I bought a black polo and some canvas-khaki colored clamdiggers that are still a few sizes too big for me (my asian relatives always think buying up a size makes for more use)

    LML said...

    great shopping day!


    omg i love zaras!! and that dress is major cute-- i really want white skinnies as well.. but ughhh i dont want to feel fat!

    la petite fashionista said...

    yhou look grteat in the white skinnies! very flattering actually


    Jennifer said...

    white looks amazing on you, I love the esther top the best it's stunning, where is it from?

    carina said...

    I love the Zara dress!

    Romeika said...

    Congratulations on your purchases ^^ Everything looks so pretty, specially the ballet flats.

    jadorevogue said...

    Wow I love all of these clothes. especially the top with the sparkly collar and the plaid top :)

    coco said...

    i love the shoes and the white jeans are really nice

    Ana said...

    omg so many cute pics...zara is my lover...what a great store.

    Kat said...

    I love all thise stuff especially the palid top - gorgeous. Ah, I love zara too! You can so pull off the white jeans too!

    Kira Fashion said...

    wow!so classy that looks!

    i love all white looks!

    a kiss

    satin pump said...

    great clothes!! oh and have a nice shopping day!!

    kiss from france

    Shopaholic D said...

    great shopping! i especially love the sparkly top on esther.

    :) D

    Shaz said...

    i actually really thought the plaid top worked well with your jeans, and those white skinny jeans dont make you look fat...because you ARENT fat! lol

    Anonymous said...

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