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    the charmed life...

    Margherita Missoni
    Daughter of Angela Missoni and official muse of Italian Fashion House known for their graphic prints and knits.

    Paris Hilton
    No need for any introduction but anyhow, she's heiress to the Hilton Hotel and real estate fortune of her father Richard Hilton

    Chelsy Davy
    Daughter to Charles Davy, millionaire safari operator in Zimbabwe; Chelsy's is also the future Princess of Wales after beau HRH Prince Harry proposed.

    Three very different people, three equally charmed lives-

    Sometimes, dont you just wished that you too have the chance to know what is it like to be a princess and gett to dress up to the nines in the likes of chanel and chloe instead of the look-a-likes from h&m and topshop no matter how fab they are?

    Or do you swing to the other end of the scale; and think of these girls as spoilt brats who know nothing and is just a compulsive shopper who spends money on togs equivalent to the wages of a worker in a third world country?

    well, i have secured an interview with our very own amy of fashionfleur.blogspot.com and she too, is borned into a charmed life.
    spoilt brat or not, read on, and see for yourself...

    Tell us about yourself
    I’m Amy and I'm a Korean high school junior in California. I love going to concerts, parties, fashion shows. I play the violin and I finally won first place in a competition that took place this summer! I'm a very big fan of music and I listen to everything from the Strokes (my favorite!) to Uffie to Hot Chip to Daft Punk. I've been singing all my life and had voice lessons since I was little [not anymore though!] but now I just sing in the shower and at karaoke.

    What are your guilty pleasures and one luxury you cannot live without?
    One of my greatest guilty pleasures is food. My mother is a chef so when it comes to dining, we've never been thrifty. One of the best places I've been to is Chez Panisse in Berkeley which had been named one of the best restaurants in the world. With the money spent on dinner, I could have easily bought several pairs of Manolos. Also, I cannot go anywhere without my Blackberry and my feather blankets.

    What is your 1st big fashion purchase?

    That would have to be a Marc Jacobs bag I bought from the Marc Jacobs boutique in Las Vegas. It was my first full-price designer bag and it set me back $1,025. But seeing as I take it everywhere, it was very well worth the splurge!

    note: Amy prefer to thrift too! She used to hop Salvation Armies and Goodwills around the state during summer vacations and still do sometimes.

    Do many of your friends enjoy the same luxuries as you do?
    Not to show off or anything, but I actually live in a rather well-off neighborhood where people have money to burn on designer items.
    So my friends all enjoy luxuries be it designer clothes, exotic travels, etc. Although I have to admit, it gets rather intimidating sometimes, but I try to not let it get to me.

    (no kidding!! look at the view of the pacific ocean right out frm her window!! who gets this everyday?!)

    Do you worry that people judge you and say, “Oh she only looks fab because she can afford it”?
    I actually never have to worry about people thinking something like that about me because I mix designer with anything from vintage to just drab things from my childhood. I'll be wearing a pair of Paul & Joe jeans with faded Converses, a Fendi blouse, and my elementary school sweatshirt. To me, head-to-toe designer is stale and far from stylish. What makes an outfit look fresh and new is mixing, and matching.

    vintage vest she bought from Buffalo Exchange in Orange County

    Skirt she got tailored for in England as a lil girl
    (she can still wear them!!!)

    So what is people’s biggest misconception about you?
    People's biggest misconception would have to be that since I care a lot about fashion, and spend a considerable amount on clothes, I have nothing in my head. Fortunately this is far from the truth [my dad went to Stanford and someday I hope to make it there, too!]

    As a celebrated fashion blogger,
    Describe your style
    My style is so eclectic I can't describe it with simply one word. Sometimes I'll be doing a Kidrobot graphic hoodies with limited edition sneakers from Kendo in Melrose, and other times I'll get lady-like and pair a Chloe blouse with a chiffon Trina Turk skirt and heels. And of course there is everything in between casual and elegance.

    Who your style icon?
    I would have to say my mom- She's always giving me feedback and advice and half of my stuff is from her closet! Her closet's a great source for both contemporary and vintage finds and she lets me borrow most of her things; well, except things that I could ruin easily! She gave me this vintage Fendi dress that's kind of long but I use it as a shirt by wearing it on top of jeans.

    Who’s closet do you most wna raid?

    Cory Kennedy! I know many people dislike her but there's something about her that makes people sit up and pay attention to. I love how she puts her looks together and looks great in everything!!

    I also want to raid Uffie's closet. It's so colorful and crazy. I once saw her wear a evil french fry hoodie jacket thing by Jeremy Scott.

    One fall trend you wouldn’t be caught wearing?
    Not that I have anything against them, but I would not be wearing a coat. Just because it doesn't make sense to be wearing one in my town. Winter here is like.. a foggier version of summer.

    Complete this sentence. Amy is a.....
    HIPSTER! Hahahahahahaha


    if u;re drawn to amy's quirky cool persona and would wna ooze the same amount of amy-ness. u'll need:

    1. stuff to wear on your head. esp lots of velvet hair clips and vintage headscarves.

    amy found hers in a shop that refurbishes vintage clothes in Manhattan Beach and she wears hair clips almost all the time!!

    2. smith's rosebud salve- it's one product amy cannot live without!

    3. a good mix of casual and chic tops...
    a rory beca metallic dress which oozes rocker chic

    train tee frm a train exhibition!!

    the august cobrasnake+rvca collaboration tshirt. which she loves!!!

    4. many different kinds of shoes!!!

    adidas comptown sneakers

    totally cute MJs!!!!!!

    last of all, to ooze amy-ness....

    get a cat of your own called nathan!!!

    haha! hope u guys enjoyed this post as much as i did!!!
    **thanks a million, amy!!!

    photo credits:
    -(provided for by amy)




    Amy said...

    looks great!! thanks a lot!!
    <3 amy

    Eritia said...

    I know, i was disappointed with their cover choice, but i did like how they didn't just go on about how she's misunderstood, and went for the "she's on a path to destruction, but we love her style" route instead.

    Kira Fashion said...

    amazing stuff!
    Specially from Marc Jacobs!

    i loved the cat too!

    a kiss

    Anonymous said...

    Your going to Japan?Lucky

    I want to go there so bad.They have to have killer thrift stores and boutiques.When they went on americas next top model it looked gorgeous.

    Anonymous said...

    so much trends in one post
    stop by my blog
    you're gonna love it


    Carolina Lange said...

    Great post! Beautiful pics!
    Love the dress Margherita Missoni is wearing!

    Cris Lazoru said...

    What a fun post, loved it! And I adored that skirt with the bow.


    coco said...

    i love margarita missoni she is so chic and everything manages to look amazing on her because she is sooo pretty

    Daphne said...

    hey i really like your blog!you seem to have a cool style


    Dani said...

    wow, this is interesting.
    No, I don't think they are brats at all, I just think they are lucky be born in wealthy families. As for the empty heads, I blame our culture and sometimes their own education. Amy, for example, has many interests other than fashion...
    great post.

    Anonymous said...

    fun read... love the mj flats and rosebud salve...

    Tru said...

    fun post

    Kat said...

    Great post Penelope! Loved reading the interview!
    Magerita looks gorgeous in that picture. Hmmmm, it think that just because they have money and can aford to spent thousounds on their a/w wardrobes does not make them bad or idiotic people. Like if I had that kinda money I would certainly be buying designer clothes(although mix and matching designer, vintage and high street as every fashion savvy girl knows!!
    ;-) )
    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    x x x

    Seraphine said...

    Great interview with Amy. It's nice when you have the freedom to not worry about money. She obviously uses this freedom to stoke her creative side. That's wonderful.

    Kira Fashion said...

    wow! i loved that new pic of keira for chanel!

    a kiss

    The Sewing Bunny said...

    awesome interview!

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    Margherita Missoni is very pretty and stylish :) nice choice!

    Hahaha cool interview ;) if i was rich, of course i would by great clothes and accessories, but I would also create a foundation to protect abandoned pets (cats, dogs, birds etc) :)

    It is great to have money but it his better to do something usefull with it :)


    Eritia said...

    yeah, I know. she's so screwed up now.

    Jennifer said...

    This post is so fabulous I love all the stuff you purchased and margharita is such a lucky girl to get all those pretty outfits!

    Jo said...

    great purchased!
    Margarita Missoni is so adorable!!!

    Kira Fashion said...

    I want to have a cat too!hehee

    a kiss

    Ana said...

    great post. amy has a cute cat :-)

    Samantha said...

    Penelope -- thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yours is great. So vibrant, colorful, and you're obviously having a great time! Loved the interview with your friend, too. :)

    "See" you soon,


    Aisha said...

    Cool interview, i actually enjoyed reading it. I've seen many fashion - interviews lately and I'm starting to love reading them more and more =).

    I think sometimes how would it would be to be like Paris or Prince Harry's girlfriend (dunno her name) but then that would mean that probably i wouldn't have the same family or friends and I really like my life =), doesn't matter if we're not millionaires, i still get the stuff i want, maybe it's not chloé or marc jacobs, but it's what my parents can give me (as i can't work, because i'm not legal - 18 - yet) and i actually appreciate it (:

    Awesome post (:

    donna AND navaz said...

    Cool interview. But I did gasp at 'feather blankets'!!!


    emsie said...

    great interview! amy has some lovely pieces.


    maria-c said...

    you have a very nice blog!, kisses :)

    Edie Abbot said...

    Corey Kennedy has such great style
    drop by my blog