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    jill's biggest mistake

    yupp, i'm talking about Jill Stuart's move to get Lindsay Lohan to be their latest campaign girl. one word just zoomed into my head and that's atrocious!

    i mean, who in their right mind would wna put a girl who's bouncing in and out of rehab, as their campaign girl for ANYTHING?! i've always thought that the perfect Jill Stuart girl should be somebody like Kate Bosworth, who can pull off the classy frocks as easily as she can with capris and a casual top- someone who's laid back and not-so-desperate to get the whole world's attention by crashing expensive continental cars right after snorting cocaine and whatnots.

    Sigh. 1st it was Chanel with the hideous collections. now it's Jill Stuart with the very wrong campaign girl; guess it's pretty smart of LV keep Scarlett Johansson and not Linds.

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    Alison said...

    I usually love Jill Stuarts clothes and ads but putting Lindsay in them.... what could she possibly have been thinking?? Lindsay is just one hot mess right now

    Elizabeth said...

    Uuuh.. Has someone been messing arround with photoshop? Cause Lindsay SHOULD NOT be in a Jill Stuart ad!

    Aisha said...

    Yeah, you're right. A the moment, Lindsay lohan is not the best option.


    la petite fashionista said...

    ick Lindsay Lohan! Jill Stuarts clothing is so classy & cute, and lindsay is just not.. she's on dangerous spiral

    sara said...

    how HORRIBLE! Lindsey Lohan needs to straighten out her life before she does anything. And I really don't think Jill Stuart is going to get more buyers through this ad.


    x sara o

    you're right Kate Bosworth would be a great choice.

    Aisha said...

    It seems like nobody agrees with jill stuarts' choice =P hehehee (=

    Like you and Sara said Kate Bosworth is sooo pretty and she's be better than lindsay for the campgain.


    Gloria said...

    i know what you mean...i did a whole post ranting about lindsay + jill.

    sara said...

    Yeah, I do live in the states, in Georgia actually, right outside of Atlanta, and I would die for an H&M store to be here, but the only one I've ever been to was in Portugual.

    x sara o

    Ana said...

    no im not back but i will be on saturday...and ill promptly post about italy!

    miss fashion said...

    i totally agree with you! lindsay lohan. now no one will buy her clothes.