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    for the love of booties!

    omg! the more i flip to this pg of the september issue of teen vogue; the stronger my love for lace up booties will be!!

    and these cute designs frm marc by marc jacobs dont help either...

    marc by marc jacobs bow bootie in cognac

    i love how it's so diff frm the other booties out there!! cutesy design!!

    marc by marc jabobs lace up booties in navy-black

    i love this design!! if i had the greens; i'll def buy this!!


    owell; read the last sentence again. yer..
    if i had the greens..
    after trying my best to look for affordable booties.. i've come to realise that there just arent tt any high street shops out there wif super nice booties..
    not even topshop!!
    and problem no.2?
    i dont really know how to rock those;
    (i actually admitted tt.. so tt's sad..)

    i'm so bummed..

    haha! anyhow
    so, if u guys haf any idea whr to ged value for money booties; pls pls! do tell me; and
    dish the dirt on the know- hows of wearing these pretty booties!!

    thanks a million!

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    LML said...

    i know i love them too, and sofar havent seen an aforable pair - but i think once it gets closer to fall steve madden and other ppl like that will sell them. at least i sure do hope so becuase i want some! lol

    jadorevogue said...

    Great post! I love the lace ups too but, like you, I haven't found any affordable.

    sebastian perinotti said...

    hey! dont worry about the spanish, almost all my posts are in english, but that last one was about the movie Pan's Labyrinth and i wrote that simple poetry related to it.:)
    im glad u liked my pictures:)

    Kat said...

    I love these lace up boots! So stylish! They have to be worn with thick tights although they could look cool with knee high socks or skinnys. Fab, what ever way!
    x x x

    Chic Looks said...

    I want the platform lace-ups so badly, ive been searching on ebay for them.

    Amy said...

    lace up booties!
    had to return my marc jacobs pair cause they were too small :[

    coco said...

    they are vey very cool
    i love that page from teen vogue

    sebastian perinotti said...

    i always write small pieces of peotry inspired by my pictures:)

    Kira Fashion said...

    i love that kind of boots! i already have mine since may of this year! and i am not tired of it!

    a kiss
    your blog is always so cool!


    Diana Coronado said...

    love the pink ones!!

    Amy said...

    haha yes, i was rather disappointed :[


    WendyB said...

    Booties are so good with skinny jeans. I like them better than wearing knee-high boots over the jeans. I think that makes me look stubby. I save the knee-highs for skirts.

    Tru said...

    not sure but perhaps Urban Outfitters has a nice pair

    Ana said...

    i am obsessed with lace ups!
    victorias secret has some nice black ones that im gonna get.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    i'm soooooo buying booties this fall

    Rafe Totengco said...

    My gunmetal faux lace up oxford bootie will be here any moment. They have the side elastic feature so you can just slip into them, no hassle. We've been getting so many calls because of that Teen Vogue page.

    Jennifer said...

    I want a pair of these shoes so bad!

    Anonymous said...

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