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    i love this look!!

    took a picture of pam on sunday and decided to put it here!
    i loved everything abt it and esp the yellow top!!! it's a nice contrast against the black skinnies, belt, tube, dark wedge and bag!!!!!

    wht do u think?!

    v inspired when i saw d belt that i've decided to source for some which are fall-worthy enuf...

    Best Belts Award- for fall definitely goes out to Balenciaga!! they were fab!!

    arent they pretty?!! i love skinny belts too! but i'll be posting about them some other time!!

    ps/gna be keeping a lookout for more great great styles frm the streets!!

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    WendyB said...

    The belt over the yellow t-shirt is very cute. Did you see the big belt that Agathe on Style Bytes got recently?

    satin pump said...

    very cute!!

    Anonymous said...

    i love the girl's outfit!!! and the way you did the balenciaga and sienna's section!!
    very cute!!

    WendyB said...

    Here's Agathe's belt!

    LML said...

    i even think balenciaga had one of the best FW0708 collections - everything was just sooo rich (price tag as well lol)

    Ana said...

    think ill add you to my links :-)

    Kira Fashion said...

    for nails, the best colour is really berry! i have done mine of this colour these week!

    a kiss
    thanks for passing!!

    sara said...

    not that huge a fan of the shoes, but love the bag, and all of the belts posted, especially the first one.

    x sara o

    Emily ♥ said...

    I really like the yellow tunic. It looks very summery and it looks great with the skinny jeans and the belt is also a nice touch. (:

    Tru said...

    your friend looks great

    Aisha said...

    I love Pam's (whoever she is, has a great style) outfit too (=. Her stripped top is so cool.


    Jennifer said...

    Love her belt, a nice touch.
    Your blog is great I love visiting it no need to thank!

    Kat said...

    Oh my god! We are so on the same wave lenght. You have included Balenciaga here in your post and my latest is all about Balenciaga!!! Wow!
    Great post:-)

    x x x

    Kira Fashion said...

    still loving this look!!!



    Lama Drama said...

    great blog - totally love it!

    Romeika said...

    this is a beautiful look, indeed! The toe nail polish is beautiful. Love it!

    Adah said...

    Good post.