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    Out Shopping...

    Went shopping with my friend, Esther and we decided to play "dress-up" in Zara;) went scurrying around for clothes that just looked plain ridiculous or fab!!!

    these are the BEST outfits we tried out in the dressing room:

    this is esther in the vest and cute tee which i chose for her.
    (loved the cute details on the tee! goes pretty well wif the vest!)

    this is moi, in a maxi, she got for me! i was kinda swamped beneath the heavy fabric but i love how "playful" i looked in this(:
    ( the cute lil bear doesnt hurt either:p)

    Now i just cant wait to have a guilt free trip to the mall!! finals coming up!! so if my posts are getting more and more irregular, hope u'd understand!!



    Kira Fashion said...

    Zara is my best store!!!!
    And i Loved that waist coat! so cool!
    I dont have one, but i want! hehehehe

    A kiss
    amazing idea!!!

    Kira Fashion said...

    Unfortunately, i dont have top shop in my city...so zara is the best of here ;)

    a kiss
    Thanks for passing!

    publish top shop combinations too!

    more kisses

    WendyB said...

    I like the dress and bear combination :-)

    Dani said...

    Love the white dress.

    From Lily With Love said...

    I love Zara. I especially like the shirt under the vest.

    Kat said...

    Zara is so great, you can always find something good there! Those outfits are gorge:-)

    Amy said...

    hey there thanks for stopping by! ive never been to zara but looks cute [:

    Amy said...

    thanks for linking!
    h&m is amazing too! you should stop by their stores sometime! h&m's great because you get runway chic for amazing prices (:

    Jennifer said...

    I love love that dress, it's so angelic!

    Kira Fashion said...

    Have a great weekend!


    coco said...

    i love the white dress
    the waistcoat is nice too but it reminds me too much of the kate moss look im trying to avoid

    sara said...

    oh how I wish there was a Zara near me.

    x sara o

    Tru said...

    I love that dress on you

    Fabi said...

    you look sooo good in that white dress! I've heard alot of good things about zara.
    thankyou for the advice!!! I really appreciate it