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    I <33333333333333 HAIRSPRAY

    yupp; i've added this trailer in for good measure cos it seems like i would never ged tired of this!!! love the 60s, the songs, the dances and the clothes!!!!

    there's nvr been a dull moment and if there was one thing to buy u over; zac efron!!!!!! omg!!! he's so so so much better/ hotter/ cuter in hairspray than in high school musical!!!!

    lalala; i cant stop singing you cant stop the beat!!!!


    ps/ watch out for my blog!!! loads of stuff to come!!!
    love y'all!


    coco said...

    i still havent seen hairspray but i really want to
    it looks like so much fun

    Kira Fashion said...


    a kiss

    sara said...

    all of my friends loved it, and I need to see it. I also want to see it on Broadway.

    thanks for the comments.

    x sara o

    sebastian perinotti said...

    i havent seen this movie yet! im goind to though, since zac efron is one of the actors! haha

    LML said...

    i absolutley adored that movie! and i wanted all the costumes haha

    Aisha said...

    It hasn't came out here yet!. 60's rock and zac is cute (=

    LML said...

    oh and thanks for the sclub7 update lol!

    Carolina Lange said...

    I must see that movie!
    I love the 60's.

    Jo said...

    i have to see it!
    it looks so fun!!!

    nic said...

    ooh...i can't wait to watch it!