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    for wives and girlfriends...

    i was on the bus today whn i smelled smt really, really bad!!
    nope, it wasn't the gross negligence of the guy's personal hygiene;
    but i would say, the OVER enthusiasm of his, to smell good for his date!

    honestly! ever since forever, i kinda notice that guys seem to have, a particular smell! either the smell of the cheap ass deodorant from the drugstore; or the overpowering Boss variants.

    i mean, i can be walking on the streets and i could smell anything from the strong coco chanel parfum to the sweet dolly by anna sui eau de toilette on the ladies but the same ol' gag inducing ones on the guys..

    is there a secret handbook that i dont know about, ENCOURAGING le male to smell that way?!!!

    so of course!!! i would understand your shock whn i tell you that there ARE flowery or citrusy perfumes in the market RIGHT NOW targetted at guys!!!
    haha! wouldnt that be amazing?! guys smelling good and him looking all so chic right beside you?!!!
    so anyhow, if you girls would love love to get some of these scents for yr sweetheart; here are some of my recommendations:

    for the prepster


    it's laced with essence of coconut, hibiscus, ylang- ylang, sugarcane and many more..
    but i guess it's enuf to conjure images of you sailing through the high seas off the caribbean huh?! haha!
    ( this is actually my personal favorite!!)

    for the guy that every bloke wna be and the guy every girl wna snag...

    FLEUR DU MALE (Jean Paul Gaultier)

    first up; at 1st, i thought it was weird to have a half naked guy posing for a GUY'S scent. haha; then i remembered my moschino cheap & chic- fun ad and i was ok=p

    orange blossom is found in this bottle and the overall smell is kinda woody citrusy.. somehow; the ad, the design and the active ingredients JUST make me think of the guy's guy! haha!

    ps/ wouldnt it be perfect if we'all have such a man in our lives?! haha!!!!! he;s kinda like the quaterback in high school that the cheer captain dates; minus the stereotyped dumbness found in jocks huh?!

    for the guy next door( if there's such a thing) with an extra bit of ruggedness

    COMME DES GARCONS 2 MAN (Comme Des Garcons)

    with incense, white smoke, saffron flowers, nutmeg, kumquat, mint and etc in this bottle. i guess, it sounds pretty much overpowering but i guess, it's ok for almost every guy out there.

    ohhh wht wouldnt i give; to not smell the disgusting hugo boss stuff out ANYWHERE! ANYMORE!!!

    and the last~
    the hippie

    ESCENTRIC 01 (Escentric Molecules)

    with stuff like pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes like benzoin, mastic and incense; honestly, i think that only the hippie is suited to the scent.. maybe it is indeed a form of stereotyping but.
    pink pepper
    do you think that a prepster would go for THAT?! haha!
    you see my point=p

    so that's all i have... and as for the girlfriends and wives out there; if you do get some of these unconventional scents, pls do come back and tell me if your guy's better off stinky or yummy smelling k?!!! haha! love!


    ooh. i've also got the rockin' girl blogger award from ana of snazzy, coco of coco's tea party & amy of fashion fleur( thanks a million!!) and i guess, it'll be fab to pass this on to five other bloggers:

    1. coco of coco's tea party
    (never mind that she's given me the "award") but,
    she's fab!!!!!!! have been reading her ever since i started out and i love her posts!!! never seen her having an "off" day=p haha!

    2. kat of she's in vogue
    we've both started out together and i've loved her since day one!! kat's getting so so good!!! honestly! you guys should go visit her if you haven't!

    3. romeika of a room;s of one's own
    she takes amazing pictures!!!! and her posts are always fab; always well researched! who say's that the internet is eating our brains?!! haha!

    4. tru of the perks of wallflowerdom
    her posts are always so fun!!!!
    (not lately though, as she's busy; but really! they're fab!!)

    5. lauren of la petite fashionista
    her blog is so colorful and fun!! i always love going to her blog; just because=p

    oh and their links can be found on the right side of the page!!

    wow. a long post today; but i didnt mind/ it's so much fun!!


    Anonymous said...

    I agree, it is terrible when guys pour it on like water. Do they know it smells so bad? At least they could get good cologne.

    Kira Fashion said...

    I really adore to smell a great men perfum, you get one´s of the best here!

    a kiss

    Kira Fashion said...

    and i agree with you, men really must use more great perfums...they dont care a lot about that, but they should care...

    a kiss

    Eritia said...

    ha nice post. Yeah, well. maybe Lindsay can set a good example for all the nice other little on-a-road-to-self-destruction starlets that can't seem to have self control or a brain of any 5th grade child that's been through drug/alcohol/sex "live above the influence" classes. it pisses me off because she can be a good actress, but she's not smart enough to take care of herself and stand out from all the rest of the druggie/dui celebrities. it just loses her respect in her buisness.

    Seraphine said...

    My husband sometimes wears the Jean Paul Gaultier. Yummy.

    YSLfashionista said...

    AH! I hate when guys overdo it on cologne...SICK!

    I love the Lacoste scent too!! It's not old...if you like it, who cares when it came out! But, yeah I finally got to smell Marc's Daisy and I LOVE IT! It's so...I don't even know. Amazing.

    Romeika said...

    Oh, sweetie, you passed down the award for me, i also adore your blog! Thanks a lot for mentioning me!;-)

    Unfortunately i'm very allergic to any stronger smell of perfume, so i hardly wear some, though i adore a man wearing a good perfume. I'll tell my husband about these fragancies.


    alexgirl said...

    What a great post. And thanks for the scent ideas. Maybe I'll pick something up for my new hubby!
    Oh, and congrats on your blogger award!

    Kat said...

    Thanks soooo much Penelope!!! I'ts great to know that people like my blog. Your blog is one of my favourites too as you always put a fun swing on fashion and you do leave the nicest comments:-D
    I've just returened to school at the moment and things are quite stressful so here's hopping i can still post regularly.
    Thanks again sweetie x x x

    Cris Lazoru said...

    Very nice post, so original!


    coco said...

    awww thanks for the award back
    i had many off days at the start if the blog, but slowly ive leant what not to use
    i think your blog is great too
    and omg i love mens scents i wear them myself
    i love davidoth echo michael kors for men and calvin klien euphoria
    i like that they arent floral and are stronger

    Romeika said...

    re:Oh, thanks again! I also adore that femme fatale look, though i've never really dressed up as a femme fatale (have i? *lol*) I also adore that glamour from the 40s after world war, love actresses like Ava Gardner in noir films and Rita Hayworth in Gilda.

    Kira Fashion said...

    Thanks for commenting back!

    a kiss

    YSLfashionista said...

    awh thanks!! And, yeah you should definately try it on your eyes sometime...it's works freaking wonders!

    Bella said...

    That guy in the Gaultier add is a hottie...plus he prob smells like one too...i loved the post :)))

    Anonymous said...

    why's this blog so popular?

    Kira Fashion said...

    THanks for posting me back!

    a kiss

    Tru said...

    aww thanks sweetie and I'm back actually so spread the word. lovely post

    Aisha said...

    Congrats on the award =) yay, you deserve it, your site's amazing =) i love visiting it!

    I really enjoyed this post, soo funny!

    Romeika said...

    re:Lana Turner! She's definetely one of my favs as well. And of course, Katharine Hepburn, who is a great source of inspiration when it comes to dress "like a man".


    Anonymous said...

    omg i would rather have the model in the Jean Paul Gaultier ad over the perfumes...hes so adorable :)

    Anonymous said...

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