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    the good, the bad, and the ugly

    flipped thru my july issue of Glamour (for the fourth time??!) and noticed tt there are plenty of ads which gta do wif fragrances.. so this post is kinda lyk a run thru commentary on the ads which i loved and (unfortunately) hated(:

    the GREAT

    Juicy Couture's Smell Me.

    this is lyk, my fave!!! the big spoofy hair and the lil yellow bird reminds me so much of Marie Antoinette!! haha so if i were to be a "lil" regal lyk someday, u'll know=p

    Nina, by Nina Ricci

    ok, so at 1st, i didnt even gif this ad a second look. but once the creative side of me kick in, I SAW IT! the apple shaped bottle is jus so sweet!! it's gna look so cute on any dresser!!

    and the not so...

    Moschino FUNNY

    so, it's not u, but me. so there's actually nothing earth-shattering wrong wif this. in fact it's so sweet! but.. as compared wif the prev ads lyk the Moschino Cheap and Chic, featuring Lily Cole, it's pretty tame!!

    C'mon Moschino!! you can do better than this!!

    dvb, intimately BECKHAM

    ok, i dunno if u guys agree with me but i hate this one!! letme show u how i interpreted this:

    "attn all david wannabees, spritz a lil of this and u'll have girls of the Posh Spice calibre falling dwn at yr feet."


    Posh Spice is, as her name suggests, uber posh. thus, i cant imagine her lying on her husband's shoulder, being so fragile and all!!
    i mean, she's won the Glamour Entrepreneur of Year! and now this?!!! it jus doesnt click!!!

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    AVA said...

    Moschino Funny smells so nice! I want it for my birthday..

    AVA said...

    p.s. as you can see on my blog I was really busy lately (check the dates), pictures coming up soon, promise!

    AVA said...

    p.p.s. (the last one, and no, not to annoy you'!) what exactly do you have in mind with them? are you going to do a post with them or what?

    Alison said...

    I love love LOVE the juicy ads, they are so cute!

    Jennifer said...

    I love smelling the ads juicy couture smells so good!
    I heard they digitally made victoria's bum bigger in that pic!

    Kira Fashion said...

    I do love perfums!

    i would like to have a lot!
    But i just have a D&G red...it´s pretty cool for me ;)

    a kiss

    satin pump said...

    my favorite is nina de nina ricci.