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    i love, iphone


    omg!!! though i'm not much of a techie, i know how much of an eye candy this is! the sleek new technology..; wow, with this mob in yr hand, anyone will look so fabulouso!!!!

    how i wish i can jus hold it for a sec.
    owell, letme start a list as to why cant i ged this riight now:

    1: it's only available in s'pore next year. (duh right?!)
    2. it costs like more than one marc jacobs bag!!!!
    i'll rather shell out the greens for my oh-so-fab mjs!!!( i wish!!)
    3. i'll prolly drop it on the flr within the 1st wk!
    (yer, tt's how clumsy i am. my n73 is dying soon due to this v reason!)
    4. i'm tech noob. how d hell do i ged past d 1st pg of d manual?!!!!
    5. the prada LG rock my world much much more than this shiny apple=p

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