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    yellow is my new black

    omg!!! when i saw audrey's nails, i was lyk, shocked stiff! not only is neon the color for summer, the bright sunny color suits her tanned skin tone!! it's beeyootiful!! but of course, i'll looked lyk crap when i use her color.

    so i'm now inspired to source for others fabulous yellow pieces:

    this is such a pretty notebook!! looking at it will defitnitely brighten one's days/ outfit/desktop=p

    ok, so there's nothing revolutionary about these classic polos. but the FACT that they are timeless pieces make them so fabulous!! it'll look fantastic with white skirts or knee lenght pants.

    hah! this is jus so so pretty!!!! together with a high pony or with a long flowy mane... this look is oh so irresistable!!!

    uh huh. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! 18carats girls!!! you cant even lift a dinner fork with this on your finger!!! absoultely drool worthy!!!!

    double yum!!!

    on a second thought, let's imagine how a pair of Louboutins would look with a sunny yellow leather with the signature red heels. ohhh kay. yelch. ok, let's not explain any furthur.



    coco said...

    i like the nail colour it is very interesting

    penelope said...

    haha yer, totally. howevr, saw someone wif neon orange. can u say gross?!!! ya. coco, think u shd try it(:

    London Fashion Girl said...

    thanks for the comment
    have linked u too

    cute blogx

    Kira Fashion said...

    I loveeeeeeee
    It´a so fresh and happy colour!

    The pic from Zara is so cool too, i do love zara...my favourite trend!

    your blog is so cool!


    Kira Fashion said...

    My hair is just the same as this model of Zara!

    just now i realise!

    a kiss

    amazing blog!

    Romeika said...

    Yellow is so popular right now, indeed! The dress is beautiful, is it a Zara dress? Just wondering, it just looks familiar, like i saw it in a catalogue or something. And the shoes are so great. And the nails are very different, i like it. I don't have much yellow on my wardrobe though, except for a summer skirt i hardly wear, i'm not really into yellow, but this trend has opened my eyes for it.

    Though here in DK i hardly see yellow on the streets.