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    fit for jet set(:

    well, everybody knows tt fashionistas are part of the jet setting crew who trots round d globe and STILL manages to look so polishes at which ever airport she lands? haha, as i'm studying hospitality, i'm gna source for some of the best hotels in d world, that's totally fit for us(:

    here are a few of my best picks!
    photo credit: all frm google image

    The Dubai's, Burj Al Arab

    probably one of the most iconic building in Dubai, the Sail is beyond posh! Look at the d suites! feel d lust rise already!

    Four Seasons Tokyo, Japan

    Four Seasons is one of the most reputed hotel chains in the world! put it in one of the most happening spots in the world and be ready to be blown away!!
    pst. even gwen stefani wants to be a Harujuku girl at one point!

    Hotel Monaco

    one of the playground for the rich and famous! How can we be excluded frm this places which holds d uber cool F1 Grand Prix races, the beeyootiful yachts, the monte carlo operas, the rose ball and the international stars at the le sporting club?!
    Need I say more abt d pretty suites in Hotel Monaco?!

    Palazzo Versace Gold Coast, Australia
    Yup yup, one of the world renowned designers of the world. Donatella Versace had lent her name to open one of the most exclusive luxotels in the world!!! Look at how the designs in the foyer has the goldish trademark of the designer; so so Versace=p

    Novus Bali Villa
    Wow, this is a picture perfect resort whr one wud go to, to distress. So calming, wow, great place to have a spa!!!!

    ok, tt's all i haf. yupp, enjoy fantasising abt dem!!!


    AVA said...

    It all looks very fine, but I'd never want to stay in such hotels.. give me a small, cosy hotel in the middle of a great city and I'm happy!

    Your blog looks cool, just stumbled upon it.. x ava

    Romeika said...

    Oh you must be very interested in hotels considering what you're studying:-) They're all so very beautiful, but i imagine it would cost a fortune to spend a single night in any of them:-S Unlike Ava i wish i could stay in such hotels, but i know it wouldn't be possible, only if i had lots and lots and loooots and LOTS of extra money, wish it's so not the case:-p

    I linked you on my blog too;-)


    AVA said...

    I like the idea! I'm not sure though if you just want one picture of a look, or several looks, or.. well I don't really get what it is exactly that you want! haha.. let me know and I'm happy to cooperate, seeing it as a compliment ;)

    coco said...

    omg it looks so comfy and lovely
    if only i lived there lol