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    i heart high street!

    sorry girls, but lately, i find tt i'm so much more in love with my topshops and ms selfridges than i am with those high end stuff. went online (browing) shopping jus now and these are my faves!! cant wait to ged my hands on these!!

    Satin Bow, Forever21
    This is so sweet! great for fall or whn it's too chilly in the air conditioned room!
    however, i would prolly snip of the bow and replace it with a silvery sequined or hot pink satin ribbon with long flowy tails!

    grey pointe cardigan, ms selfridge
    this is perfect when worn over ANOTHER cardigan and UNDER the biggie knitted ones (See by Chloe). messy eh? but the end result is so so good!!

    gem band cowl back top, topshop

    this is so pretty!!!though the sleeves are kinda.. not very flattering, i guess it'd be fine with a cute/ classy bolero!! both would give off a very diff vibe!!

    frill bib, topshop

    i dont care if bibs are in or out but i do know tt this look is sweet!!!
    wow, can imagine it being paired over black skinnys and patent mary janes, with skinny bracelets!! it's perfect!! if i had to choose, i'll definitely choose this!!!

    i <333 SHOPPING (online=p)!!!

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    ok, so the chic blogerette of pls dont feed the models had alerted me of an oh-so-fab online shopping site, asiajam.com. went to take a look and i was swamped by images of such kawaii (cute in jap) tops, dresses and bags! these are my faves, too!

    this dress is so sunny and cute! it's so diff frm wht u see on the streets!! oh, and though i hate, hate, florals.. i prolly wont mind this!!(:

    the design is so pretty!! though i'd prolly find a way to shorten the length!!
    (i hate shorts tt end at mid thigh! totally unflattering; and it looks awful if it's till d knees, so owell, wht the heck=p)

    yer!! i know, i cant believe whn i saw this!! it totally looks jus lyk d topshop one which i posted earlier on. so if u're hard for cash and u love this design, go for this asiajam one!! (lesser chance of seeing other girls in the same outfit=p)

    yupp, tt's all i haf, FEAST YOUR EYES(:


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    Model Citzen said...

    wow, i love the last top with the ruffles. definately looks a lot higher end than it really is. have you ever checked out asiajam.com they have a few cute things every now and then. worth a look...

    Kat said...

    I love Miss selfridge! I always shop there and who doesn't love Topshop!! Great Finds:-)

    I'd actually love a veiled hairpiece! They are very 'out there', but if I'm feeling particularly confident, I'll defo wear one! They are usually quite expensive though, which is why I love the H&M one! It's cheap!

    Seraphine said...

    I never snip anything (other than scratchy tags) from my clothes. I'm worried I'll ruin them. If I don't like bows, sequins or buttons, it's left on the rack. I admire that you have the courage to alter. :)

    robot-walk said...

    I think I'm in love with the white topshop blouse <3

    Romeika said...

    Oh, really good choices, it's all so pretty and femminine. Unfortunately there's no Topshop where i live and in the cities nearby, and people from DK can't buy online either:-S

    I've been at one of the stores in Copenhagen, but it was all crazy..sales, and lots of people hehe


    Seraphine said...

    I luff the black buttons of the shorts. It took me a while to like the longer style too.

    Anonymous said...

    I LOVE forever 21. I really like the first sweater, but I already have a large collection of black cardigans so... must stay away! Thanks for being my first comment :)

    Emily ♥ said...

    Aww, the frilly tops and boys make me melt.
    ^ wait, did I just write boys?! I meant bows. Haha.

    The last top is cute_as_a_cupcake; I want to eat it! (:

    dusk&summer said...

    great finds. I love that first cardigan, adorable!