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    the benefits of benefit

    ok, so seriously, i wna add this pretty tint to my bag. but i'm not very sure. wht do u think?!

    bene tint.

    i've been eyeing these for mths!!
    ( yer, tt's my personality, i've gta ponder for eyeons before i ged my stuff=p)


    coco said...

    loads of my friends use this it is fab!
    i love the new header its soooo cute

    Tru said...

    if you've been lusting after it, get it

    Kat said...

    It looks cool, quite sophisticated.

    Clueless post was fab! :-)

    In Yr Fshn said...

    I love benetint. My only complaint which is even barely a complaint is that it sometimes flakes off. Basically, your lips must be very well exfoliated and you have to keep a layer of something over it (even chapstick is fine). Be careful when applying to the cheeks! Normally it looks awesome, but if you aren't in a well lit room when applying, well... my mom said it looked a little "clown-ey" on me... (thanks mom!)