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    "Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Whatever"

    does that sounds familiar?! only bcos it's the tagline for CLUELESS, one of the most FUN movies ever!

    watched d movie jus now and wht strucked me most was d clothes that Cher and her homegirls wore!! kinda lyk the trend for fall now!!
    tt's wht i love abt clothes!! jus a few tweaks and voila! u ged smt diff!!!

    so here are some of the pictures frm the movie...

    haha! dont u JUST wish u were Cher??

    and here are some of the clueless-ish stuff i've found, courtesy of forever21.com((: trust me, u're gna love it!!

    plaid dress

    it's d hottest thing of fall2007 and this version is much prettier than tt frm 1995=p

    "pencil-like" skirt

    i know i know.. i shd haf found a "real" pencil skirt. but i kinda feel that it's jus too stuffy for the hallways in skl. anyhow, this is so cute! it doesnt really matter=p

    black cardigan

    i just HAD to put this up!! Alicia looks so chic in hers!! how i wish i cud pull off this look!!

    patent peep toe.

    though they arent mary janes, these wrk jus as fine!!

    now, do you see wht i mean??!

    anyways, my advice for those who wna look diff but better than the crowd, watch some movies frm the 90s or 80s. you'll be inspired by the many outfits you see!!


    Clueless pics frm,


    Romeika said...

    OMG, i LOVE this film...! I think i was like 13/14 years old when i saw it and all my g/fs liked it too, and how we loved Cher's wardrobe.. I remember i fell in love with that light green dress she wears while walking in the mall with Christian, before Brittany Murphy's character starts screaming for help. That dress is sooo cute looking. And all the plaids, shoes and lots of make-up. And oh, the pink.

    This is part of my teenager years hehe:-p Great post!

    Btw, if there was any comment of yours i didn't reply here, it's cause i replied on my blog on the post you commented;-)


    Romeika said...

    And something else: I still DO wish i were Cher. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ hehehehe

    How much i'd amuse myself...

    Tru said...

    I love Clueless it is one of my all time fave movies

    Jennifer said...

    I love clueless it's one of my favorite movies and it really embodies the 90s and how much the generations had changed. It was such a fashion forward movie that still rings true today!

    From Lily With Love said...

    I LOVE this movie. I just watched it again yesterday. Cher makes me laugh.

    Elle said...

    AS IF! ha I loove clueless 1 of my favorite movies, this post was great.