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    the bag post.

    haha wna haf a post tt's more.. personal. so decided to take some pictures of my bag and d stuff which i've brought wif to skl earlier on for some enrichment!!

    le bag.

    when i saw it at ripcurl d other time. i KNEW i gta gedit=p i love how it matches almost all my outfit=p

    okok now for it's content. k, deep breathe:

    1)the cutesy Kleenex pack
    those are actually my friend's; kinda sick yst (and tdy) and she gave it to me!!
    sweet isnt it=p

    2)jumbo shades
    bought them frm forever 21 and i've loved it since!!!
    (and no, i didnt wear them IN campus)

    3)blue teddy key chain
    it's actually a mobile charm but i needed smt for my key. isnt it cute(:

    4)The Body Shop honey beeswax
    i love this lip balm!! lips are totally kissable after i apply it on.
    (not tt i haf any one to pucker up to=p)

    5)Stila convertible color
    lillium is d perfect color for my cheeks and lips. looks totally natural!! u guys
    shd try it! totally worth for $$$!!

    6)Hello Kitty purse
    i bought them frm Taipei's shopping district- ximending when i was there last
    december. fell in love wif d cutesy cat and the ribbon-y design!

    7)purple marker
    love to write big swirley words on d top of my worksheets or notes(: makes me feel
    so girly and happy!! haha guess u can say i'm easily contented.

    8)my mobile
    yupp. i cant live w/o my mob and lappy. haha. wht can i say?! i love to be
    connected! hehe. and d froggy charm? it's "joints" are bendable, it's so cute!!

    9)water bottle
    it's in d kitchen right now and all i can say is tt i'm a water babe!! no h2o and
    i'll die.. it's a gd habit but it makes me feel tt i'm in a desert every single

    owell. tt's all i haf in my bag. hehe hope u guys found it interesting. i wna see wht u guys haf in yr bags too!!!



    Kira Fashion said...

    Your stuff is so cool!!!

    i just love all, but specially the sunglesse...what´s the trend?

    i am huge fan of sunglesses, if i could, i ould buy a lot!!!

    but i just have 3 ;)

    a kiss

    thanks for passing!

    Kira Fashion said...

    in my bag i have: mobile w220 motorola, mp4 player, lipstick, tiny mirror, sunglesses, glasses, pens, papers, wallet, keys (with a keyring from Spain!) and dismissable handkerchiefs!

    a kisss


    Audrey said...

    Hey lady!
    Your posts are so interesting! Ha.
    Linked you already pretty!

    LML said...

    cute post! and i love ur bag!
    what i carry around: wallet, cellie, lipgloss, mirror, concealer, sunglasses, keys, and always a camera = all pretty boring!

    London Fashion Girl said...

    i love the bag and the sunglasses.

    r.e. i know i was so happy to be able to get the bag, too scared to wear it.

    coco said...

    oooo ive missed so many posts lol
    i like the shape of the bag, its more interesting than classic sqaure shapes
    as for advice id go for anything that defines the waist or chunky bright knits
    i predict they will be huge
    and also im thinking anything with a hood on it (in the most elegant way possible) will be big

    Romeika said...

    Ow such a sweet bag, and so sweet what you carry in it (loved the kleenex bag, i need kleenex every day, i'm so allergic, i sneeze now and then:-S)

    In my bag: kleenex, lipstick, lip balm, glasses, sunglasses, mobile phone, wallet, little hand mirror, the apartment's keys.

    re:The dress i was wearing in that picture from "Missing Copenhagen"'s post was green, not yellow hehe

    big kiss

    Romeika said...

    Hey girl!

    It's two kind of glasses, one is my normal glasses which i use to read or to see a movie in the cinema. The other one is sunglasses, u know, shades. Anyway, if i'm outdoors, i'm usually wearing the shades.

    Jennifer said...

    i love your purse
    I just bought a new black one too, well i guess it's not new i got it at a thrift shop hahaha
    but anyway ur hello kitty change purse is so cute.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    i love the bag! and also hello kitty :D

    Tru said...

    very cool and I carry a sharpie around with me everywhere it comes in handy. lol I'm eaisly entertained as well