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    I <333 TAIPEI

    the taipei 101,

    can u imagine shopping in one of the world's tallest building?!!!
    not only tt,
    dior, coach, gucci, lv, etc etc...
    floors and floors of designers

    xi men ding.
    kinda lyk the camden and oxford st of the east!!
    i've shopped here; it was AMAZING!!!

    shilin night market

    this is whr i literally walked, till i dropped.
    this place is HUUGGGEEEE.

    one BIG market for food,
    one BIG one for fun fair lyk games


    haha, so, u guys may be thinking, what's up wif my post?

    so the thing is, i'll be gg for a shopping trip in Taipei at end aug and, whn i were there last winter, i was sooo jealous of the girls ovr there!!!

    those girls haf spent years, growing up wif tt kinda weather and haf accumulated enuf dress sense to dress fashionable for winter;

    not to be outdone this time round,
    would lyk all u bloggerettes out there to help me jazz up my closet so tt i will be as chic, if not even more- than the girls there((:

    i'm thinking of bringing my white long shorts, "summer roberts- like" skirt, polly pockets, tees, flip flops...

    right, i know this isnt paris, milan or barcelona. cos i know tt's whr majority of u guys are gg;
    but, i guess it's fab tt u guys will ged a perspective on how the other half of the world are doing their shopping.

    so any great ideas?? pls dish them out!!! haha
    i promise i'll gif u guys an update on the crazy bargains i've got;)
    thanks so much!!!!
    many kisses


    Kat said...

    Hmmm, well firstly invest in lots of belts as the hour glass silhuette is the shape of the upcoming season, pack lots of floral tea dresses a la Kate Moss and plaid is really in too. The big clutch is gonna be huge and if you want to make a statement wear block colour - wear a bright dress with the same coloured tights. Loose knits are so stylish too and fab when belted. Funky statement tees are still great, as are waist coats and neat fitted blazers, wide leg jeans and skinnies, coloured especially. Hope this helps :-)

    Romeika said...

    Wow this is one tall building indeed! Here in Scandinavia we don't have such things, neither in Brazil where i come from. And these brands you mentioned, oh well, God knows if i'll be able to afford them someday.

    Thanks for all the comments on my blog, you're so sweet too;-)

    big kiss

    alexgirl said...

    ohmygod, that sounds awesome. Ok, a little overwhelming. But very cool.
    Can't wait to hear about your bargains!

    LML said...

    SOOOO cool! i.am.jealous! please post pics of what u got!
    ... and that is me on my profile pic - i guess my eyes do look kinda gray in it, they're usually hazel, but they change color depending on what im wearing!
    i really like your BLOG!

    Katie said...

    I for one am very jealous. The only pace I'm going this summer is Demoine Iowa for a family reunion. So post what you got C: And love the blog.

    London Fashion Girl said...

    That looks amazing. It's like a dream. haha. definently keep reading magazines as they are now telling you what to get for the season ahead.
    BLOCK COLOURS are a must next season

    Kira Fashion said...

    Must be so cool thar mall! Is that in Japan?
    What did you buy there?

    a kiss and a hug
    have a nice day :)

    lluviaschick said...

    are you from taipei? have you been there?

    Gloria said...

    taiwan's humidity is just too much for me! taipei 101 is quite a site, but it's way outside my price range.

    have fun though!