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    Design Tshirts Store graniph

    was searching for some edgy tshirts and i found this fabulous store that's newly opened in Singapore. At around S$26, these shirts are definite must buy!! i've posted some piccys of these eye candies.

    take a closer look and u'll see a cutesy diammond in the letter O. Brillant colors and unique design!

    you'll look anything by hippo in these!!! add dem wif skinnies, sparkly silver skinny scarf and throw in a big (non)matchy tote and a pair of simple flip flops or patent heels and WOW!!

    these lil fishies are so sweet in an edgy way! (no thanks to d bright neons ard)

    ok, granted the sleeves arent v flattering, but i just <33 d msg on the tank ( however, i jus dont ged why do they have to choose bosnian girls. so so insensitive)and the girl's fresh looks! owell, as for d sleeves, i guess i'll jus cover them up wif a sparkly bolero!!!

    arent d tees jus sweet?! haha tt's all i've got for u guys!
    btw, pardon my smatterings of sparkly this and that.. for some unknown reasons... i jus love love sparkly accessories!!!



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