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    model of the week

    i've chosen gemma ward as my 1st model of the wk because i absolutely love her!! wht's there not ot like abt her? honestly, those who thinks tt she look very much of an alien are jus plain jealous! big eyes= beeyootiful!

    some quick facts about gem ward:
    -she's 18 on 3rd nov,
    -1.78m! (i wud die to be tt tall!!!)
    -she's a size6!!! (yay lyk me!!)
    -she's walked for marc jacobs!!!
    -she's once said: I grew up on the beach. It was such a luxury to wake up to the sun and the ocean. (she's jus sososo completely grounded!!!)

    rock on gemma!!! i heart you!!!


    coco said...

    i love gemma ward, she is deffinately one of my fave models at the moment
    pink is deffiantely a hot colour right now and i think anyone can wear it as long as you get the right shade

    Romeika said...

    She is one of the most appealing models from this new age, and she's very versatil. Besides her uncommon beauty and sometimes weird looks she can pose very sensually and subtitle. She's versatile.

    It's been a while i wanna post a weekly model session on my blog, like some extension of the models fotologs i have, but it would be something like "healthy model of the week". hehe -x-