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    gucci gucci gucci!!!!

    if this doesnt make u fall in love wif gucci and their bags. i dont know wht will. owell, i guess many girls out there haf caught d bug too, cos i realise( with shame) that an increasing no. of girls loving gucci and ( esp for) their monogrammed bags.

    this jolicoer is so pretty,worn wif skinnys and a cool top (no patterns!) but these (wannabe) girls, just wear dem wif barrels of make up, and crappy clothes! it's doing no justice to gucci at all!!! apparently, money cant buy style eh.

    why, why, why monograms?!!! i kinda hate to carry bags with d signature style/ pattern embossed all over. there are lots of other gucci designs, w/o the monogram that are equally appealing, i've picked a few:

    this indy is in this summer's hottest shade and it's just so versatile! notice that d model at the top of this post is carrying this too eh=p

    this crystal with mink tassel design is jus so so cute!!!! is reminds me so much of the kipling gorrila! haha yer, they're worlds apart but it jus look so much like it!! notice it now?

    this starlight is jus so so pretty!! ok, so there's d double G, but still, this is one of the hottest arm candy ard d blk!! it's one of the rare few that looks hot both on our moms and us, w/o making us look momsy.

    when i saw this in the gucci ad campaign, i gasped. not only did the model really present it well, it kinda made me feel tt i wud be uber chic if i had tt! (isnt this d obj of ad agencies?) anyway, if you wud have to have d monograms, this abbey is lyk, d best buy!!! it's just so... i dunno, cool, that fashionistas out there wud be worshipping it on its altar if it were any hotter!!! gasps!

    honestly, after looking at the mink tassel on the Crystal and the Indy Silver Bag, i dont know why the monogrammed versions are still so hot; i suppose everyone has got their own version of a Gucci God, like d Abbey is to me=p

    j'et adore Abbey

    photo credits: www.gucci.com


    purple said...

    I dont like gucci bags, they are so copied

    Gucci Handbags said...

    Great stuff from Gucci. One thing I really like on Gucci was their icon or logo itself. Its really cute