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    my nude colored shoe.

    visited a post jus recently abt nude colored heels and i fell i love wif dem!! however, tt particular bloggerette was complaining tt these shoes come in sky high prices!!


    if yes, i've got news for you!!!
    i got mine for approx. US$24!!! at local shoe chain, charles & keith!

    arent they pretty(:
    (i meant d shoe=p)

    anyhow, for those who (still) thinks tt a particular trend/ style doesnt come cheap, keep yr eyes opened and u'll find those babies soon!!



    Kira Fashion said...

    i completely agree with you!!!
    You can find i lot of things great with low prices, specially when the stores are OFF. This year, i bought i lot of things in this time!

    The shoes are great! i have a nude sandals that i love too!!

    a kiss
    add to FF!
    sure ;)

    more kisses

    Gloria said...

    holy cow, those are gorgeous.

    Why have I never heard of this shoe chain...

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    yes they are lovely :)

    Shoephoria said...

    I love those shoes! Nude is a great color.

    Kira Fashion said...

    Thanks so much for passing back!

    a kiss

    have a great monday!


    Romeika said...

    I wasn't aware of this trend! I do have a pair of skin coloured heels, but it's just for summer time. It's one of my fav sandals;-)


    satin pump said...

    great shoes , very gorgeous!!!

    Seraphine said...

    Pretty shoes, pretty feet. Nude is a good color on you.

    Tru said...

    those shoes are gorgeous as is your blog. we must exchange links. comment me back if you agree

    Kat said...

    Uber - glamourous and very sophisticated, everything a heel ought to be. What a steal too!!!

    Dani said...

    Those are cute. I love it when the price is also very attractive. It makes you look both pretty and smart (for paying less...)

    Emily ♥ said...

    Love 'em. they are the it shoe !
    Exchange links? (:

    la petite fashionista said...

    ah i just did a nude shoe post as well! oo yours are so cute! :D

    Eli said...

    Ive been trying to tell my customers this...but they just dont believe me that the nude shoe is in!

    Jennifer said...

    I love your nude shoes, they are so popular right now I can't believe the price you got it for *SCREAMS*