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    off to college(:

    haha nope, i'm not the one who's gg off but some of my friends; and some of u fellow bloggerettes are(: so, while i haf to wait patiently till whn i'm 21, i'll let my excitement spill over into this post!!

    the list of the...
    Cutest Stuff For Dorm

    haha, and THEN you guys will know whr my excitement stem frm=p

    Victoria Secret Terry Bathrobe

    so, technically, it doesnt HAVE to be Victoria's but, this is jus so lush! i mean, since u're spending 3to4 years in a dorm with so many others.. might as well invest in one which gna last u, eh?

    Cute Shower Caddy

    this pink one which i've chanced upon on the net is jus so handy! and cute. it's so so many pockets for you to stuff yr many different toiletries. And the best part? you wont haf to stow it away in yr closet!!

    Flip Flops

    this Havaianas one is so pretty!!! and, it's thick slab of rubber is so comfy you wont wna change it for nothing!


    Tupperware is a must-have! Bring them to the cafeteria and stock up on leftovers, or just use them as substitute for bowls shd you need one for your cereal.


    this one is a must!! you can place pictures of your friends back home.. randomn pics form magazines or even a place to stick a post-it for yr roomie!

    pop up laundry basket

    due to the space constraints, this one frm ikea can be stowed under your bed shd u not need it. though it's kinda plain, you could decorate it wif fabrics, photos and badges!!

    owell, of course there are somemore on the list! like, a mini fridge, iron and mini ironing board and snacks and a mini light etc.. but, frankly. i dont think tt an oh so boring fridge will make the cute on the blog=p haha

    for those who are gg away to college, enjoy your time there!!! it's gna be the fabbest time of your life!!!


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    Romeika said...

    haha, i adore you list of must-haves while going to college=) Though from where i come from, we don't have this american culture of moving to the university area and sharing a dorm with a colleague... The flip-flops look cute, havaianas is so comfy and the perfect footwear to hang at home.


    Anonymous said...

    i love the pink stuff u posted!!!