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    J'adore Elle

    i know i know, this post would prolly raise several eyebrows frm most of you Vogue loving fans. but honestly, Elle August is way fab as compared to Vogue's which is all dressing thru thr ages or smt lyk that..

    here are some of the pictures...

    Sarah Jessica Parker

    Carrie was my favorite in Sex & The City; so how can i not these?!

    this was fab!! there are so many diff examples to pull off the preppy look! Geek Chic, Going Greek, English Lesson etc, every look was gorgeous..

    but Art History's my fave!! the colors and clothes shown are so pretty!!!

    this feature on MK was fab!! for those we love love MK's style, this is lyk an absolute cheat sheet!!

    Bar Rafaeli's photo shoot

    there are like... 3 or 4 other shoots and the photography in all are amazing!! but sigh. could only find this on elle.com.

    overall, this issue has got tons of articles and photo spreads and all are equally engaging. though some may be a mouthful, i had a great time reading all, word for all! by the time i was finished, i was so excited, cos my mind was bursting with so many ideas for my blog!!

    with this issue, i'm so much of a fan of Elle's now; owell, though Teen Vogue will always be my 1st love=p


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    The Stiletto Effect said...

    i like Vogue Mag very much (it's my favourite) although i also enjoy ELLE ver much!

    Romeika said...

    Ow this art history page! I wish i had it all! So pretty and femminine..

    donna AND navaz said...

    I just rediscovered US Elle today. It rocks!