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    model of the week

    Lily Cole has one of the most avant garde looks in the industry. besides, she's also really really smart. i mean tt girl is taking a break, forgoing millions of dollars to study for her psychology degree! wht's not to like abt such a strong lil girl? she's only 19 or 20 this year!!

    so it's w/o a doubt tt she's my model of the week!!

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    AVA said...

    Hey! I'll make the photo's asap but right now I have to take care of loads of things (art school application, a job etc). So I'm sorry but I promise it won't take too long!

    Jennifer said...

    Lily cole has such a unique look I love that picture of her, interesting styling.

    Allure said...

    There is something in her face that I don't like. And I don't know what it is, the shape maybe. It's weird.

    satin pump said...

    i find her very special , she is very interesting.
    she's not the most beautiful but she's unique.

    come on my blog i wrote english articles!!

    coco said...

    lily cole isnt a fave of mine i have to admit
    i think she looks great with loads of make up but not without it
    that sounds mean but im just not that big on her

    Kat said...

    Your blog is cool and thanks for your suggestions! I love Lily Cole. She has the most sensational face, an ethereal beauty. Keep up the good work:-)

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    blushing apples said...

    she has the face of a delicate porcelain doll, and is very rare!

    Romeika said...

    Ow i just love Lily Cole, she's such a unique beauty! I love her red hair and unique features...plus she looks healthy!
    I confess in her beggining i didn't like her at all, she seemed so skinny and unhealthy, but ever since i saw her on the cover of UK Arena a couple of months ago i became a fan, and she also looks great on the Accesorize campaign, the second you pic you posted, i think.

    She looks so sexy! She really got curves...

    Flashy_Shades said...

    lily is the cutest

    thanks for the comment. do you want to exchange links?