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    supersize me!!

    i've realised that so many bloggerettes out there haf been writing abt gladiators( which are d hottest shoes ard) but none seemed to haf written abt another trend which is much more versatile than glads!

    i'm talking abt supersized watche which are no longer for guys but for girls too!! i'm one of those crazy ppl who had fallen in love wif these plus sized beauties...

    here are some of my dream timepieces:

    rolex cosmograph daytona

    yup yup, obviously this is way beyond my league. this is in fact a men collection but i love how it looks so fine..
    ashley olsen has one too=p

    guess watch

    ok, so this is a femme collection and it look kinda plain. BUT, it's understated classy and that's why i love it! everybody knows tt fashion isnt for showing off, isnt it?!!

    Zadig & Voltaire

    sigh, this is lyk, d pefect kinda jumbo watches. this rose gold butterfly could jazz up yr outfit and wif a sleek handbag, these two are the only accessories u'd ever need!!! Go to Zadig & Voltaire now to look at other jumbo watches!!

    ps. so, these are currently in vogue now right? but still, i wont gif up my simple, black, "cheap-ass" watch for nothing=p i love it!! it's lyk my own z&V!!

    photo credits:

    pls dont feel d model, d chic blogerette has brought to my attention some other beyyotiful plus sized timepieces.. shall upload them up here for your viewing pleasures..

    the Chanel j12

    isnt this jus simply divine?!!! with the array of dazzling diamonds surrounding d watch face, the j12 has the ability to up the GLAM factor of you and your outfit, all the waaayyyyyyy.

    mini crystal

    the skull

    the toy watches series

    this is another series which are amazing!! the mini crystal pinklish frame jus softens the whole look and girly girls out there wont feel left out jus cos all other watches are so "mannish".

    also, judging frm the number of skulls i see, i reckon that d uber cool skull heads are gna be IN VOGUE again!!!

    double yay to tt!! i love love my lil skulls!!



    Model Citzen said...

    penelope, this is one trend that I love!!! have you checked out the toy watch? or the chanel j12? It was love at first sight. I swear...

    Asian Models Blogger said...

    Thanks for stopping by Asian Models Blog.

    You have a great blog too. Interesting content and editorial work.

    The Stiletto Effect said...

    i also like supersize watches :) my favourites are from guess and chanel

    Flashy_Shades said...

    i love the way a mans watch looks on a dainty wrist, great post

    Kira Fashion said...

    I just got the point: The supersize watches are really so cool!

    i am trying to save some money to buy mine for sometime..hehehe

    a kiss for you!


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