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    she's a yummy mommy and we love her!!!

    ok, so ms blogerette; kira fashion was my "muse" for this post. haha!! was looking at yummy mommy, posh spice, and haf decided to look for other mommies out there, to parade on my blog!!!

    of course ms jolie gta be 1st on the list!! she's gta be d yummiest of all with 4kids of her own!! man; besides, which mom out there wud gif her son a mohawk? nuff' said.

    the nice shades, dangly earrings and super cute pink muffs for her daughter; i wna be lyk gwyneth too! (when i'm a mom myself=p)

    ok, so, all black isnt exactly so awe-inspiring but she looks so chic peeking out frm her shades and the skinny headband doesnt hurt either=p
    (look out for reese's kid whn she grows up; gna be one cool chick)

    four words: ostrich leather nappy bag. what more can i say?!! suri's one lucky baby. as for mr tom cruise, he looks like he's woken from d wrong side of bed. what's up wif d hair?!!

    ohhh yes. like it or not, nicole's gna be a mom. and.. let's jus pray tt we wouldnt be seeing a replay of her babysitting antics from the simple life 3. cos this time round, the "victim" will be her baby!
    and please please please!! no more weird names for Le baby!! between nicole and joel madden, i shudder to think of the nightmare they'd come out with!!

    owell, so let's be honest everyone, who wna be lyk these yummy mommies when we grow up?! i know i do=p defitnitely=p

    and a big thanks to romeika!! she's reminded me of super mom, Liv tyler!! went out there and i found this one:

    Milo looks so cute in this one!!


    Seraphine said...

    I like the pic of Gweneth best. She looks genuinely happy.

    Romeika said...

    Ow lovely mothers! You forgot Liv Tyler, she's such a beautiful and sweet mom=)

    Romeika said...

    Ow so cool you added Liv Tyler here, her baby looks sooo cute and she seems to be a great mom. I have her on my today's post hehe


    Women Leather Skirt said...

    Liv Tyler,looks sooo cute and she seems to be a great mom.