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    emma watson!!!

    oh my gosh i cant believe my brothers went to watch d new harry potter movie w/o me!!! haha owell, so here i am, and i've decided to dedicate this post to ms watson. she's such an amazing actress and i'm glad that she's become such a gd role model for girls everywhr!!!

    and of course, her fashion evolution is jus blowing everone away... anyone rmb tt hideous grey dress and thin furry scarf she wore to the HP premiere when she was just 11? haha, thankfully, she's much much more fashion fwd now and here are a few of my favorite outfits of hers=p (btw, i think tt girl's obessesed wif flats!)

    this LBD looks so cute on her! i would love to have one too! (and i'm not a black dress kinda girl:p)

    this prairie look is so sweet on her!! i think the pink suits her so!!! plus, the braid across her forehead is fab! not a look for everyone though.

    i love love love d dress!!! pink and blacks suits her real fine!! this casual cool look's d best!!!

    haha ok technically this isnt her "own" style, but she looks jus so lovely in this shoot!
    besides do u see wht i mean abt d flats obssession? haha! if anyone's listening, i'm obsessed wif flip flops!!!

    anyway, emma watson's gna be London's IT Girl soon enuf dont u think?!


    coco said...

    i think she is getting much much better with age, and probably more stylists helping her too
    a pale pink would be lovely, jessica alba wore a lovely pink chanel dress which suited her skin tone (there is a pic on my blog somewhere) but i think you could probably pull of a bright magenta colour too

    Romeika said...

    Oh Emma Watson has definetely grown into a beautiful woman, she is not a little girl anymore, and she sure has a great sense of style. I wanna see the new "Harry Potter" too, though i'm not excited about it, not a big fan.