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    the anya IT bag!!!!

    picture frm: www.dailymail.co.uk

    OMG!!!!! whn i saw d bag, i screamed!!!! it's jus so much of a genius!!!
    " i'm NOT a plastic bag"
    and it's gotten d whole world turned upside down!!!!
    though it's so simple, wow it's nice!!!
    think tt's d best part. it's simplicity.
    trying to find keira knightley wif tt bag. but owell, i cant...

    i saw a girl carrying it in skl tdy, can u believe it?!!!!!
    wow. it's big enuf to put a lappy in! ok, i know this is supp to be for our groceries and stuff but, cmon! it's sheer genius!!!
    it's like, someone using their, gucci bag to stuff grotty organic veggs in it...

    i love it so, but it'll be out of stock here.
    called on peddar and d waiting list is closed!!! apparently,
    ppl haf been on d list since, may!!!
    maybe i shd haf acted d moment i saw it in vogue or smt..
    but, owell,
    i'm waiting for the other colored ones to launch!!!!

    wish me luck den!!!!

    i love anya!!!!


    who can forget this?!!!
    this fashion "phenomenon" haf been designed after the success of the oc.
    omg, anyone who hadnt watched d show might think tt everyone on it has crappy fashion sense!!!!

    one word; yelch.
    nuff' said.

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    crazydot said...

    Hey! I'm just a random girl who chanced upon your blog (and from Singapore too!) Hahahah I want that bag so bad! Yeah I tried to call and heard bout the closed waiting list too :( Any idea when the public can get it? :( Ahhh so sad!