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    model of the week

    17 and one of the most celebrated clotheshorse in the industry- Chanel Iman's i guess, one blessed chick. she's more or less d same age as all of us who passes thru my blog and if i were haf to choose someone for us to "look up to," i cudnt haf chosen better.

    she's so grounded and bubbly tt i guess for those not in the know, they wudnt haf guessed tt she's a top model if they were to bump into her on the streets!
    anyhow, wht i love abt Chanel, is her smile- looking thru the pics which i've found of her, her smile seems, jus so real!! wouldnt any of us have given anything to radiate warmth jus lyk her?

    haha, so of course!! how can i leave such a personality out of my model of the wk!! she's a great model and i'm sure, an even greater person!


    ps/ was pleasantly surprised tt my nude heels frm the prev post was such a great hit!! thanks so much for all u're lovely comments!! will cont to bring great. suprises for y'all!

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    Emily ♥ said...

    I've linked you!

    J'adore ur header.♥

    Jennifer said...

    she was born to be a model
    look at her name
    she's absolutely stunning!!

    Emily ♥ said...

    Oh, and I forgot to say; I love Iman! She was in Vogue.

    Tru said...

    she is nice and I've linked you as well. please return the favor

    Elle said...

    I looove Chanel, she is my muuse.

    And that red jacket she has on in the 1st pic well actually her whole outfit is AMAZING.

    Romeika said...

    Oh, she's really great! I always celebrate when a model with african roots make it in the high fashion. And she is just so amazing, and look at that second name!

    satin pump said...

    simple and beautiful she is!!

    Dani said...

    love the red jacket. we used a lot of that in our winter (july) here in Brazil