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    the good and bad sides to Prints.

    i love plaids!!!
    many used to think tt plaids are like the "geek's uniform" but wif proper detailing, accessorizing, this look work wonders! esp if they're in autumn-y colors!!

    yum! so so marc jacobs-ishq


    what is it wif FLORALS?
    A good example wud be lil allen's New Look Launch:
    her "designs" are completely messy and difficult to pull of w/o looking lyk the gran next door!! hardly the look we're looking for-

    owell, to gif her credit, i loved d dress on the right and the ironic part is tt it doesnt even haf florals.

    florals- love them, hate them.

    up to you to decide!!

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    LML said...

    i never really wore plaid before (i guess because i have to wear a tacky plaid skirt as my uniform every day)... but i actually think this season i will get some plaid - not school of course

    ... and yea i dont own too much floral....

    Kira Fashion said...

    Amazing look by Jacobs!!!

    I wanna that dress..hihihi

    and hugssssssss

    Romeika said...

    I'm more into plaids than florals, for sure. I don't think i have a single garment with floral pattern, and the few ones i once had, i gave to someone else or threw it away *lol* No, i think i donated it for charity, it's been a long while. It looks cute on other women, not on me.

    I love vichy plaid, though it's hard to find adult women clothing with it.


    Kat said...

    I love plaid!!! But I also love florals!! Then can actually look really cool when worn the right way! Check out my new post, it's all about the little flowery dress! :-)

    Alison said...

    I think florals can look hot if you don't totally overload on them, but plaid is still my fav pattern <3

    Jennifer said...

    It is a little messy but i still think Lily looks cute!

    That Fashionista said...

    I dig plaids, but I find it hard to wear only because I have that schoolgirl-esque in it ):